About ATA NC Charlotte

 ATA-NC Charlotte is the regional chapter of the parent organization American Turkish Association of North Carolina, which is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our organization is made up of volunteer leaders of the Turkish-American community in Charlotte, many of whom have been living in the area for many years. Since its inception, we have organized countless cultural, educational and social events to bring more visibility to the Turkish-American community in Charlotte, from booths at the international festivals to Bayram celebrations and fundraising dinners to benefit underprivileged youth in Turkey. Our community is proud to provide support and collaborate with other local organizations such as the UNC Charlotte Turkish Student Association, the UNC Charlotte Turkic Society & Children, and the Bridge to Turkiye Fund.  

 We founded ATA-NC Charlotte as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2009, in response to an outpouring of friends and volunteers with the desire to strengthen our community. We will continue to serve our community by promoting Turkish culture, history and customs by hosting great events and cultural activities. Through our efforts, we hope to continue to unite our ever-growing community while sharing our rich and diverse culture with the greater communities. 

ATA-NC Charlotte is dedicated to

  • Presenting Turkish culture and promoting a better understanding between the Turkish and American communities.
  • Creating and maintaining unity and solidarity within the Turkish community in Charlotte and surrounding areas.
  • Organizing social and educational activities and participating in other cultural events.
  • Informing its members and the public of relevant news events in the Turkish community and from Turkey.
  • Bringing people who have interest in the Turkish culture together regardless of ethnic origin, religion and other preferences.
  • Cooperating with other Turkish American organizations in efforts on intercultural understanding and cultural diversity in our communities.
  • Facilitating the communication of its members with other Turkish-American associations in North Carolina and in participating in the organization of joint activities.
  • Providing support to members who are new to the area to help them overcome issues related to adjusting to a new culture, language, and social environment.
  • Representing the interests of our members within the organization’s missions.
  • Initiating and/or participating in humanitarian and charitable activities both in Charlotte and in Turkey.
  • Providing support to Turkish students and Turkish student organizations at the universities and colleges within Charlotte on cultural activities.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ATA-NC Charlotte, please visit our membership page HERE.